Our free assessment is complimentary with absolutely no commitment.  It gives us both an idea of how well your team and culture fits with our programing.  We only want to work with individuals who are motivated and engaged, so we provide the initial assessment as a win-win.  We target the team members who will be "highly likely" to engage with us and make your investment worth it.


If at least 15 employees meet the criteria for "highly-likely" to engage in our services, we provide individual initial intakes.  This must be a non-mandatory opportunity for employees.  

$210 per employee

Intakes are scheduled 8 sessions per day.  Intakes include a psycho-social assessment as well as a 50 minute in-person session.


We do not create a thera-coaching contract with the organization until we have completed the initial intake process and both parties know how many employees are both interested and clinically appropriate for treatment.  

Thera-coaching is billed per day.  A full day is availability for up to 8 sessions.   We recommend at least 12 employees commit to treatment per full day you contract.  A half day is availability for up to 4 sessions.  We recommend at least 6 employees commit to treatment per half day you contract.  Sessions for employees will be booked with the therapist on a first-come first-serve.  

Full Day- $1,040

Half Day- $596

Treatment contracts are for a minimum of 24 weeks.  Contracts with the paying organization will be billed quarterly, with a 4% discount for up front annual payment. Maximum of 48 weeks per year.

We are committed to catering our program to the needs of your business.  We are open to finding a pricing structure and format that will work for your team.