Targeted Approach


Free Assessment

We know that engagement is a concern for you.  Why pay for a service if you don't know if your team will actually use it?  It can be the most amazing product, but it won't work if no one engages in the process.

No matter the size of the company, our free assessment will filter through and target the individuals on your team who will have better outcomes.  It's a win-win.  You want to know which employees would maximize the investment, and we want to connect with motivated individuals who will engage in our therapeutic process.

Logistics: Our assessment is hand delivered to your team along with confidential envelopes.  We collect each individual's sealed initial assessment to find out how many employees on your staff would be "highly-likely" to engage in our services.


After we have the results from the free engagement assessment we develop a custom services contract based on the size and scope of your team's results.  The services will start with a each employee selected and interested engaging in a full psycho-social intake process. 

If during the intake process we clinically assess an employee would be better served with a traditional off-site therapist, we will refer that employee to your company's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Ongoing assessment will continue throughout the process. At any point, our therapists may refer an individual to continue their treatment off-site by contacting the EAP.   Some examples of employees who would not be appropriate for on-site office-based treatment would be: substance abuse concern, significant or severe mood issues, or persistent personality impairment.  Individual situations vary and it will be at the clinical discretion of the Intuissa Team to decide if continued treatment is clinically appropriate.