Intuissa brings licensed mental health therapists into the business environment and provides HIPAA-compliant therapy for employees. This is not coaching, consulting or pop-culture motivation, but fully confidential, evidence-based, individual therapy with licensed clinical therapists who specialize in productivity through preventive mental healthcare.

We believe that people were born to be productive, but over time develop internal roadblocks which result in things like avoidance, absenteeism, conflict, aggression and procrastination. By working therapeutically with your employees, we help them identify and remove those roadblocks in order to maximize their mental health and professional productivity.

Therapy has been proven to help reduce stress and improve quality of sleep and concentration. Intuissa works proactively to help high functioning individuals see quicker permanent results from a therapeutic relationship. We don’t think anyone should wait until anxiety, panic attacks or addictive behaviors creep in and wreak havoc on the workplace before seeking professional care.


Just as it is more painful and costly to go to the dentist for a root canal than it is to floss and brush regularly, we believe in preventing problems rather than trying to fix them. With routine proactive care for our mental health, we can best ensure that that are our minds are well cared for. 

No Big Brother here.  Everything is confidential and secure, as mandated by the government regulations of HIPAA compliant standards. That means employees can have honest conversations with their licensed therapist, without fear of their privacy being violated. Each individual Intuissa participant signs a consent to treatment and a HIPAA policies and practices agreement which explains their protection and confidentiality. Our rule is: what happens in the session, stays in the session. Even the sponsoring organization does not receive any information, feedback, or even aggregate data about what happens in the therapeutic setting. It is this layer of protection which gives your employees the confidence to truly utilize and maximize the therapeutic process.

1. They believe decades of research from the medical community that proves psychotherapy results in long term sustainable improvement in productivity.

2. They believe their team members’ internal growth will ripple out to their company's external growth.  
3. They want a culture that provides a supportive environment, but recognize that their role can only go so far. They know a third party is more effective and reduces liability and boundary confusion.

Therapy increases concentration, sleep quality, engagement, and interpersonal skills.  People who engage in therapy feel more at ease, less distressed and have higher levels of focus.

Decades of research proves that therapy is effective and will result in a higher functioning individual.  Team members who can concentrate more and are sleeping better, will be less reactive, anxious, confrontational and will be more valuable for the company. Additionally, the corporate culture created by caring for the mental health of employees, supports a positive environment of support and wellbeing.

Our therapists are fully licensed which means they are held to the highest standard of clinical training and ethical boundaries. We believe Intuissa mitigates risk of using coaches, who are experts in their field, but may not have the background in clinical assessment that guides effective intervention. Therapy provides differentiated assessment, intervention, and referral that only licensed clinicians can provide.

We use only fully licensed psychotherapists, meaning they have at least a masters degree and 4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience.  Due to their credentials and licensure, these clinicians are ethically bound to provide evidence-based treatment, full confidentiality, and track progress. Our therapists are carefully vetted and trained to maximize the delivery of therapy in a business setting.

Intuissa therapy is proactive and convenient.  We don't wait until there is a problem, we work to help prevent problems from arising. Employee Assistance Programs were born from the concept of providing mental health services when an employee needs help. The stigma of EAPs creates a heavy burden for engagement, and the system is cumbersome to the employee.   A report in 2012 showed that a mere 3% of employees actually used their employer's EAP counseling services, even though the company was paying for every employee to utilize it. Intuissa can actually increase the ROI for your EAP by providing direct referrals for employees we see who demonstrate significant persistent mental health issues.