Lydia Adams, LMSW

Director of Therapeutic Intervention

Lydia brings over 10 years of mental health clinical experience to the team.  Her resume is filled with extensive training and diverse practice with evidence-based treatment methods. She provides internal supervision and consultation to our therapists to insure the best possible engagement and outcomes. She is passionate about personal growth and supporting social workers develop their craft with the highest standards of quality care.

Lydia connects with creative, intuitive and highly sensitive individuals.  She loves motivated clients who desire to hone these gifts for the benefit of holistic wellness and maximizing impact.


Chief Story Teller, PR & Development

Tiffany is a wellness coach, therapist, and speaker who has a gift for communicating our mission and vision.  She has over 10 years of experience practicing Strengths Based, Solution Focused, & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and has impacted the lives of many on their healing journey.

Tiffany advocates for the benefits our services provide to contracting organizations, and engagement with potential clients.


Co- Founder

Ari joined forces with Erin because of their aligned vision for the impact of preventative therapy.  He brings an array of talent ranging from academic acumen, to spiritual guidance for the mission.  As a professor, therapist, author, inspirational speaker, and rabbi, his resume speaks volumes of his passion and commitment. 

Ari is the Director of Leadership and Community Development at Yeshiva University, where he works worldwide with small companies to multi-million dollar organizations to train and develop empowered leaders, strong employees and healthy cultures. He holds a BA in Psychology, MS in education, MSW in social work and is currently a Ph.D. candidate. Over of a quarter million people follow Ari on Twitter as he spreads optimism and daily inspiring ideas.